Brilliant Illumination: The artwork was commissioned for GWLF by Sr. Mary Southard, SSJ, in 2009, to capture the intention of our work in the world.

Our Purpose

The Global Wisdom and Leadership Forum exists to equip and accelerate the advancement of transformational leaders. Through a plethora of learning tools, whether it be corporate membership, keynotes, webinars, workshops, or individual and group coaching, we continually look for and implement ways to grow leaders.

Our Power

GWLF is community. Through collective connection, we can teach, learn, and exude the best leadership models from across the globe. Our power is YOU!

Our Promise

Information. Inspiration. Tools for Implementation.

Our Path

In 2009, our journey began. We were known as the Global Women's Leadership Forum®. Primarily focused on women, GWLF launched curriculum, connection, and a community for leaders of Employee/Business Resource Groups in major corporations (ERGs/BRGs) across the globe. The business grew exponentially.

In 2018, our clients asked that we expand our product deliveries to include men. We agreed. We expanded our deliveries as the Global Wisdom & Leadership Forum to accelerate the advancement of all transformational leaders.