Unlock the Potential of Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) have tremendous potential, and are often underutilized. Development of key leaders in these groups as GWLF Strategic Business Partners™, creates the potential for increased innovation, engagement, and alignment to value delivery for the organization through the BRG.

BRG leaders are passionate and committed, but they don't always have a plan for productivity. With this certification process they will learn how to demonstrate more effectively the ways in which they can provide ROI back to the company and share best practices and leadership skills across the entire organization.

The certification process utilizes the business expertise and technical knowledge of mid -level managers, it offers that group an opportunity to demonstrate competence and drives a deeper knowledge of the value of Business Resource Groups overall. Mid-level managers are invited to facilitate modules that cover business acumen specific to the organization's business model. Certification is currently only available to Corporate Members, if you would like more information about Corporate Membership please click here. Corporate Members interested in the Strategic Business Partner Certification, please Continue Reading

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