GWLF Program Offerings


  • Connect passionate leaders across all industries
  • Provide competency building opportunities through inter-active workshops
  • Enable sharing of best practices and success stories through network connections
  • Are a full day of energy and commitment designed to help you evolve your WBRG and enhance your leadership skills

Consulting Packages

  • Provide tools for creating and sustaining community within your WBRG
  • Assist to align your WBRG with a business initiative
  • Provide a scorecard and Business Impact Statement™ for your WBRG to showcase its capabilities
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to improve/enhance leadership abilities of team members

Camp Global

Camp Global - located in New Port Richey, Florida - provides a quiet environment for 1-on-1 consulting to develop skill sets that can be utilized immediately.

We are proud to announce that CampGlobal! is now accepting registrations for February 3-6!

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Stepping Into Your Own Power

Stepping into Your Own Power is an online education tool to enhance your knowledge and skills in a variety of ways. The session begins with an online lecture and then continues in smaller cohorts. Call for more information, (630) 454-4460.

Coaching Packages

An opportunity for individualized learning and organizational advancement are just 2 of the outcomes of having a business coach. Maureen O'Brien and Rita Johnson bring combined experiences of more than 30 years of coaching with individuals and teams.

  • For WBRG Leads - What are the skills of successful WBRG Leaders and where do you need to focus?
  • For Executive Sponsors - Are you helping to break down barriers and ensure business alignment for the WBRG in your organization?
  • For Executive Stakeholders - How does your participation with the WBRG enhance your 'leadership story'?

Call for more information about coaching and coaching packages (630) 454-4460


Maureen O'Brien helps to build business strategies and build leadership within corporate environments through her dynamic and down to earth workshops and seminars. Programs include:

  • Be the CEO of Your Career
  • Rock Solid Thinking
  • I'd Rather Have a Root Canal (Or Anything Other Than This Conversation)
  • Get Your Big Girl Pants On
  • Customized programming is also available upon request
Call the office for more information (630) 454-4460, or click here.


In 1979, Ned Herrmann created an assessement, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, that enables people to understand how their brains are wired.

Herrmann International's Whole Brain® Thinking System gives people, teams and organizations the skills and tools to increase their thinking agility so they can achieve exponentially higher levels of performance.

BRG Certification:
Global Women's Leadership Forum Strategic Business Partner

Unlock the Potential of Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) have tremendous potential, and are often underutilized. Development of key leaders in these groups as GWLF Strategic Business Partners®, creates the potential for increased innovation, engagement, and alignment to value delivery for the organization through the BRG.

BRG leaders are passionate and committed, but they don't always have a plan for productivity. With this certification process they will learn how to demonstrate more effectively the ways in which they can provide ROI back to the company and share best practices and leadership skills across the entire organization.

The certification process utilizes the business expertise and technical knowledge of mid -level managers, it offers that group an opportunity to demonstrate competence and drives a deeper knowledge of the value of Business Resource Groups overall. Mid-level managers are invited to facilitate modules that cover business acumen specific to the organization's business model. Certification is currently only available to Corporate Members, if you would like more information about Corporate Membership please click here. Corporate Members interested in the Strategic Business Partner Certification, please Continue Reading

The MOB®


GWLF's Strategic Initiative: Men on Board to Support Women Leaders, or as we call it - The MOB®, is a unique opportunity to engage high level men in the conversation. Through a combination of data and dialogue we can show that leadership inequity is a tangible business problem that effects the bottom line - NOT A GENDER ISSUE.

If you would like more information on The MOB® click here.