Shifting the Perception

The Global Women's Leadership Forum® knows that solving the Leadership Gap is not a gender issue. It's a business issue. Consider the following:

  • Fortune 500 Firms with the best record of putting women in leadership roles were 18 - 69% more profitable than the median companies in their industries
  • Fortune 500 companies with 3 or more women in senior management positions scored higher on top measures of organizational excellence
  • Companies with 3 or more on their boards outperformed the competition on all measures by at least 40%
  • Women make 85% of household buying decisions

Business Opportunity

The MOB (Men On Board) brings together men at the level of VP and higher. Through spirited dialogue, and the sharing of data, executive men have the opportunity to network cross industry, discovering ways to participate in the solution of talent management, specific to leadership inequity. The MOB's strategic deliverable is increased sponsorship of female talent. Studies show that women are over mentored and under sponsored. The MOB™ advocates for WBRGs, (Women's Business Resource Groups) to drive real and systemic change within organizations.

Are You on Board?

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