Keynote Speaker: Maureen O'Brien

Hire Maureen O'Brien, CEO, MOF to speak at your next event. Here's a sample program Maureen delivered to Allstate Insurance Company. The program is called "Be the CEO of Your Own Career".

Maureen O'BrienWith 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Maureen O'Brien can help your WBRG refocus and re-energize. Maureen speaks to a variety of topics including:

  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Small Business Accumen

Some of the previous programs she has delivered include:

  • Be the CEO of Your Own Career
  • Wow 'Em -- Building and Maintaining Extraordinary Relationship-Based Service
  • Rock Solid Thinking in an Ever Changing Environment
  • Where Do You Go When You're the "Go-To" Person?
  • When You Can't Soar With Eagles ... Ride the Turkeys!

Maureen also does customized programming on request.


  • Keynote Speaker: Maureen O'Brien: $10,000