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Maureen O'Brien, CEO, MOF

Maureen O'Brien is the CEO of GWLF. She has working experience with small business as well as Fortune 100 organizations. O'Brien's focus is on business strategy and outcomes. Clients are continuously awestruck by her trademarked, 3D™ detailed process that she utilizes before she speaks her first word in a program delivery. O'Brien's intent is to "feed people what they want and need to eat, rather than just serving up what is left over from a previous client." Her natural and relatable style has made her the No.1 choice for organizations looking to create meaningful outcomes at conferences. Our promise: Information. Inspiration. Tools for Implementation.

Your teams continue to adapt to online learning. So do we. As a certified virtual speaker, you can be sure that your employees will be working with GWLF Professionals who understand the technology for profound online learning and results. Utilizing all available tools like chat, breakout rooms, polls, questions, etc., we will continue to make learning interactive, engaging, informative, and fun. Whether in person or online, our brand promise: Information. Inspiration. Tools for Implementation.

Keynote Topics:


  • Agility, Adaptability, Resilience -- What a Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me About Leadership
  • Be the CEO of Your Own Career
  • Four Keys to Courageous and Transformational Leadership
  • Inspiring Heroes and (S)heroes™, Inspiring YOU!
  • Present Like a Pro for Influence
  • When You Can't Soar with Eagles ... Ride the Turkeys!


  • Opening the Door to Understanding Your Own Unconscious Bias and Its Impact on Organizations
  • It Starts At the Top--Inclusive Cultures Begin With Inclusive Leadership
  • Sponsorship - the KEY to Driving Inclusion and Cultural Change
  • The Power of WE - How Diversity Enhances Innovation, Productivity, and Profit

  • TakeCaraU
  • With the Time We Have Left
  • 26 Points of Light
  • Come Alive and LIVE!
  • Why Don't You Think Like I Do? Understanding (and Encouraging) Diversity of Thought
  • Igniting Your Power and Passion to Influence Change

The GWLF 3D™ Process . . . Every time.


Initial dialogue with executive stakeholders to determine topic/outcomes 20 -minute interviews by phone with 10 - 20% of attendees who will be in the session


Executive report delivered to executive stakeholders or meeting committee on interview outcomes
Cross-pollination of ideas for discussion in the session.
Intended for attendees feel engaged, heard, and excited about the session. Enables them to behave as ambassadors for the event.


Actual delivery at the event.
Follow up within seven business days with executive stakeholders and/or conference committee members to discuss conference outcomes and strategies forward.

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