Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

The Global Women's Leadership Forum® is a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® provider. Utilizing this tool we can help you increase team productivity and individual engagement. The HBDI® assessment takes about fifteen minutes to complete, and calculates your brain's thinking profile.

Want to find out how your brain prefers to think?

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® is an assessment developed by Ned Herrmann (a manager at General Electric) to evaluate the degree of preference individuals have for thinking in each of the four brain quadrants. The four brain quadrants being:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Sequential Thinking
  • Interpersonal Thinking
  • Imaginative Thinking

Visually this is represented by the four colors:

  • Blue for Analytical Thinkers
  • Green for Sequential Thinkers
  • Red for Interpersonal Thinkers
  • Yellow for Imaginative Thinkers

There is no "right" model for the brain. Each model is perfect, because it is yours. The instrument only shows how you prefer to think. This is vital, because as you begin to understand how it is that you think, you can shift the way you present information to colleagues and clients who think differently than you.

HBDI® works for...

  • Individuals
    • Increase individual success
    • Grow an appreciation for diversity of thought
    • Overcome communication barriers derived from differences in thinking preferences
  • Leadership Development
    • Improve decision making speed and creative problem solving
    • Communicate better with reports, peers, supervisors... even family members
    • Improve mentoring success
  • Talent Management
    • Improve job fit and decrease lag in readiness
    • Decrease turnover
    • Increase engagement
    • Identify leaders and thinking preferences for career pathing
  • Customer Service
    • Build stronger customer relationships
    • Negotiate better by tailoring pitches to thinking preferences
    • Gain more insight into target markets
  • Creativity and Productivity
    • Blend thinking preferences to create better R&D groups, task forces, etc.
    • Utilize all thinking preferences to create innovative solutions
    • Gain productivity in brain storming sessions through appreciation of diversified thought

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