Inclusion. Diversity. What's it like in your organization? Why does it matter?

Data confirms that diversity increases profitability and innovation in organizations. But diversity is so much bigger than gender, color, race, ethnicity. Let GWLF help you. We are experts in the area of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs). We offer templates, coaching, and strategies for increasing the effectiveness of these groups by aligning them to business initiative that matters to the organization while increasing the exposure of the members. Metrics are key. We teach ERGs/BRGs how to behave like a small business within the business, infusing "intra-preneurial thinking" to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs and BRGs are powerful groups within organizations that enhance diversity initiatives. Most of the time, however, they are run by volunteers without much assistance or structure. That's where GWLF comes in. Through Corporate Membership, we cross-connect leaders in non-competing corporations, coach the leaders in intra-preneurial thinking, offer best practices, and offer a process for aligning to an outcome (with metrics) that matters to the business. We provide governance and function templates, as well as a certification for effective alignment of these groups to the organization to produce impressive outcomes.

MOB® (MenOnBoard to Support Transformational Leaders)

Sponsorship is KEY to increasing diversity in leadership

In most organizations, white men hold a majority of the highest executive leadership roles. The MOB® enables these leaders to actively participate in leadership development across the organization. The MOB® is a fully researched product. It is delivered over a12-month period including tools, training, monthly coaching, and metrics for both the Sponsor and Protege.