I am in Florida. I’ve just spent 10 days at Camp Global reflecting, renewing, and really focusing on an attitude of gratitude. We were supposed to fly home today. Got up early, went to the Tampa Airport, and got through security to the gate, only to find that the flight was cancelled due to the storm in Chicago. No flights were available for the rest of the day, and the first flight out would be tomorrow at 3:10 p.m. My typical response would be of frustration and probably anger…like weather was in anyone’s control…but honestly, since my mediation for the last 10 days has been focused on gratitude, I was able to live into that mantra. I gave thanks for one more day in paradise.

There are so many really scary things happening in our world in this moment in time—Paris, Mali, the fear of what might happen next. It’s easy to forget to be grateful when we’re focused on fear.  I understand the fear. In fact, I feel it myself. What is interesting, however, is what I’m learning can happen when you practice a different kind of mindful mantra. What do you think could happen if we focused on love, not fear? What if we mindfully practiced gratitude, compassion, and understanding?

Most of us are preparing for a glorious feast this Thursday for Thanksgiving. Our tables will be filled with scrumptious delights, and aromas will fill the air that will be forever be cemented as wonderful memories in our collective hearts. I’d invite that we consider that not everyone will be surrounded by large, boisterous, wonderful families. Some of us will be overcome with tremendous sadness and grief when we recall the loved ones who are no longer with us. Many are alone and have no one with whom to spend these days. The loneliness, grief, and isolation will be devastating. ALL of us in this moment and time of fear, frustration, helplessness, need caring and loving thoughts.

So what might we create if each of us, in the midst of our joyous preparations, took just a moment to send a prayer, healing energy and light, or whatever, however, your give part of yourself to another, and we sent part of ourselves to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, or worries of any kind? What if we took some action step to let another know that someone cares? If we did this, if we each did what we could do to bridge fear with love, if we were willing to reach beyond ourselves and our own, if we were truly mindful in our new mantra of care, what do you think we might create?

I think it’s worth a try, don’t you? So I’m making the request: this week, as you prepare for your family celebration, remember to pause and send energy and light to those who are struggling right now. If you are aware of someone that could use your assurance that they are not alone, that they are worthy of love, that they, as are we, are all part of the fabric of humanity, make the connection of care. If each and every one of us did something, is it possible that we could increase the love vibration and minimize the vibration of fear in the world? I’m in. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving and abundant blessings to you and yours!