Last week, I got the news that I’m in full remission, CANCER FREE! I was diagnosed in February with Stage IV Lymphoma.  Nowhere on my radar screen. After entering the hospital six times, and being connected for five days to a 24 hour chemo drip, I cannot tell you how GREAT it is to hear those words. When the scans are clear for two years, I’ll be considered cured! I would love your prayers to that end.

This experience has taught me so much. Of course, I would’ve much rather received the lesson through words—maybe through a letter in my mailbox! Instead, I actually had to LIVE the lesson.

One of the things that is incredibly clear to me is the resilience of the human spirit. If someone would’ve tried to tell me what the days were going to be like, I would’ve curled up in a ball, never to have seen the light of day again. Instead, the human spirit fights to take one day at a time. Sometimes a half day.

We are resilient. We are capable of rebounding from so much more than we can understand. We have been equipped with what is necessary to keep moving forward, no matter the difficulty. And it is in the choice to keep moving forward that we become a beacon of light for others.

I am awestruck by the stories told to me by people who have been on similar journeys. I’m amazed that these folks converse about their darkest times when often, we’re just meeting for the first time.  That’s another mark of resilience; the willingness to share your story with the hopes that it might help someone else.

So where in your life have you been resilient? Where are the places and times for you that felt so dark, so difficult, that you weren’t sure you’d make your way to the other side? I’d love to hear. It’s not necessary that the story is about an illness. There are so many ways to be resilient. Mostly, what I’d love is to hear how you were victorious in whatever it was that you faced or are currently facing.

 I believe these stories have the potential to offer incredible inspiration and hope. Let’s share together. Tell us your story of resilience.