Happy New Year! Are you eagerly anticipating a brand new, fresh year? Are you excited about looking at a blank slate? As you consider these questions, how do they feel? Are they daunting? Will you allow yourself a fresh start in 2016, or will you drag unfinished baggage from 2015 into this New Year?

I do love to listen to others as they build their lists of all the things that they’re going to ‘add’ in their resolve for the New Year. Subtraction, for me, has always been much more effective solution. I like to look at the things that I’m doing, the energy I’m expending, and determine if these things are still working. If not, this is a great time to bid them a fond farewell and subtract them from my life. When you subtract things from your life, you make room for that which can serve you better in this particular moment in time.

Often in the New Year, we’ll be encouraged to build a “vision board” for manifesting our hopes and dreams in the New Year. I’m not a fan of a vision board. I’m not sure you can cut pictures and words out of magazines, glue them on poster board, hang it up, and ta-da—it happens. I AM a fan, however of creating a board of intention, backed up on the same board with deliverables indicating how you’re going to bring that intention to life. I actually do participate in this activity for myself every year, and it has been a significantly effective tool for me! Give it a try!

As we look toward 2016, the Global Women’s Leadership Forum® continues to hold as intention our desire to participate in creating a more equitable world. We have some exciting deliverables coming soon that will support that intention.

     Individual Memberships—for the first time, GWLF will offer Individual Memberships, fully focused on individual, personal development. This is an exciting offering and extends our ability to serve the “whole person” as well as continuing to focus on ERG/BRG effectiveness.

     GWLF Certification for ERGs/BRGs as Strategic Business Partners™--This is an incredibly exciting offering. As we’ve worked with ERGs/BRGs for the last six years, what we see over and over again is a lack of resources for leaders of these groups to actually get something accomplished, to add value and ROI to the organization, to increase exposure for their members, and to increase competencies for membership to the leadership pipeline. I’ve said this from the beginning…it is absolutely NOT for lack of passion that these groups do not reach their full potential. It IS, however, for lack of a real and strategic plan which equals some kind of productivity or outcome that matters to the business.  That’s what minimizes the power of these groups. Our certification program will teach entrepreneurial thinking or intra-preneurial thinking, shaping a different outcome for successful delivery. It will help these leaders gain greater understanding of the businesses they’re in, enabling them to increase the value of the ERG/BRG to the organization.

     Continuation and expansion of the MOB™(MenOnBoard to Support Women Leaders)--we know that real and meaningful change is not going to happen unless we get white men at the highest levels of organizations to come to the table and sponsor women. We plan to take the MOB™ curriculum into many more organizations this year to create real and meaningful change. 

     First Annual Progressive Men’s Summit—as an extension of the MOB™, we intend to hold a summit for men, sharing data and statistics about the importance of getting involved in talent management to ensure that we all are engaged in “preparing the bench” of talent for the future. 

Check our website www.globalwlf.com often to see our designs for 2016 as they unfold. In the meantime, know that we will continue to serve our Corporate Members, look forward to seeing you at Forums, and look to do our part to shift cultures in corporations in 2016 and beyond.

Looking forward to witnessing YOUR DESIGN for 2016!