A new year! May it hold abundant blessings for you!

2017 will bring new offerings through the Global Women’s Leadership Forum®. One of those new offerings is going to be a series of events called Inspiring Sheroes!

Global has been in existence since 2009. We’ve had great success, and we are grateful. Some of our success however, has been because we’ve been very “careful.” We’ve been sure to package our products, events, and offerings in tidy, corporate, sterile boxes. We wanted to be sure that what we offered was “buyable” as any new company would. Trouble is, careful, tidy, and sterile doesn’t create significant change. 2017 gives us a new opportunity to shake things up. It gives each of us the opportunity to, much like our Global tagline, Stand Up. Stand Out. Create Real (and meaningful) Change.

Inspiring Sheroes will be a series of breakfast/networking events held at various locations throughout the country. The intent is to build community, to hear stories of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things, and to hold each other accountable to inspiring others. Increasing inspired and intentional living is a goal of GWLF in 2017.

Our first Inspiring Sheroes event will be held at DePaul University in Chicago on Friday, January 27. Information and registration is available on our website at https://www.globalwlf.com/inspiring-sheroes .

On the second Monday of every month, this blog will be dedicated to Sheroes—stories that I encounter in my own life journey. I’d also invite you to let me know about Sheroes who have inspired/ inspire you. Acknowledging the Sheroes in our lives increases the opportunity for all of us to know and understand that being a Shero is something that all of us are created to be!

Last week, I met for the first time by phone, Lisa Blinn Conti, a Renal IV Therapy Development Specialist for Baxter. In talking with Lisa, I learned that when she started her career, she was a 3rd grade teacher. She taught for 10 years. Lisa had young children when her marriage came to a close. She knew she had to make a career change so that she could handle the costs of raising her kids. While teaching, she went to school at night for two years to get her degree in nursing. Imagine, working all day, going to school at night, and all the while attending to young kids. Alone. As I listened to Lisa’s story, I was in awe that there was no bitterness, no anger. She told the story methodically. I told her that she was a Shero to me, and that I hoped that she would share her story with others who might be in similar situations, wondering how they would ever survive.

So how about you? Where are the places that you are a Shero in your life? Where are the opportunities for you to inspire others? Trust me, these opportunities exist every single day. My hope is that you will live awake enough to recognize them!

Here’s to all of the Sheroes in our lives!