I’m hoping that you are enjoying days filled with sunshine and are experiencing a little slower cadence for the summer. I’m especially hoping that you’re taking some time to reflect on your purpose and discerning how you are utilizing your personal power for the good in the world.

Last week in our Voices of Wisdom Webinar Series, our guest was Monica Gullory, Director of Worplace Inclusion at rrd. You may remember that rrd has just had a rebrand. The company was formerly known as RR Donnelley. Monica shared her wisdom about Agility: Anticipating and Responding to Rapidly Changing Conditions. This is a subject in which she is extremely well-versed. She shared her own story, gave us many tools to implement, and supported GWLF’s commitment of Information. Inspiration. Tools for Implementation. If you were not able to join us live, please do take a listen. All webinars are recorded and housed in the Corporate Member Portal of our Website (www.globalwlf.com).  Monica, thank you. As always, you were a ROCK STAR!

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about influence. Often, we believe that influence is associated with big title, status, power. All of that can be true AND you can influence with none of those things. Here are five ways to influence exactly where you are:

1.   Practice the 18” drop … Listen Deeply

Hearing is innate (God willing). Listening is a practiced skill.  If you hold the intention of the 18” vertical drop, you will practice listening with both your head and your heart. That’s listening deeply. Your ability to influence is directly related to the other person’s perception of your ability to listen and understand.

2.  Hold an intention

I know for some of you, I talk about intention ad nauseum.  But intention is critically important. When you engage in listening deeply (as stated above) your intention becomes clear. Your intention must always be to use your ability to influence for the good.

3.  Invest in the relationship

Your ability to build rapport absolutely impacts your ability to influence. Work on making the outcome of your influence a win-win circumstance for all.

4.  Organize your thoughts and articulate them clearly

Be sure to take the time to reflect on what you’re trying to influence and why. Does it create good in the lives of others, your community, your workplace, the world?

5.   Confidence

Your confidence increases as you practice that vertical drop that we talked in Step No. 1. When you align head and heart, work on listening deeply, hold the intention of good, invest in the relationship, and organize your thoughts to articulate well, you’ll naturally increase your confidence and influence ability.

Speaking of influence, I absolutely want to influence your attendance at our upcoming Transformational Leadership Summit on 9.18.18. The Global Wisdom and Leadership Forum (GWLF), in partnership with the Tuthill Corporation in Burr Ridge (suburb of Chicago), will provide a daylong experience called Coming Alive in Leadership. Seating is limited. Registration begins August 1 at www.globalwlf.com. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Influence for the good!

Keep lookin’ up,

Maureen O’Brien, CEO, MOF GWLF