Find…and USE Your Voice!

Today, Tuesday is an incredibly important day. We have the privilege of utilizing our voice. We do that by casting our ballots today, Nov. 6.

Our country is deeply divided. You don’t have to look very far to see it. Friends make cutting comments to opposing political views on social media. Candidates speaking only to negate any value of their opposers rather than focusing on what they as candidates can bring to the world.  We are becoming more polarized than unified. We promote fear rather than possibility. WE as individuals must to commit to a different behavior.

ALL of us must make a conscious, mindful effort to listen to understand more deeply.

Hearing is innate (God willing.) However real listening is a practiced skill. And, in recent days, it seems we’ve chosen to stop listening to each other. Somehow, we’ve forgotten that we’re on the same team! We’re on this planet, in this country, in this moment in time—together. We have a choice to make as to how that living together happens.

I am in no way suggesting that we must agree on all things. But WE MUST NEVER become so arrogant as to stop listening to those with whom we do not agree.

So today, find and USE your voice. Make your way to the voting booth if you haven’t already. And no matter the outcome, let us commit to deep listening moving forward. The healing that needs to happen is not external of us. It BEGINS with us. Let it begin…