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If you or a loved one has been impacted by a critical diagnosis, this book will help illuminate the journey ahead.

When a self-diagnosed shoulder injury turned out to be stage 4 lymphoma, Maureen O'Brien was reeling--and she wasn't alone. Her entire community had to grapple with this devastating news. But how should they reach out, and what could they do to help?

When someone you know faces a critical diagnosis, it's difficult to understand what's expected of you. But if you're the one receiving the news, asking for help has its own complexities and struggles.

In 26 Points of Light, O'Brien's community of care--family, friends, coworkers, extended family, and even medical staff--share their unique experiences of the journey they walked with Maureen and offer lessons learned along the way. You'll learn:

  • How each caregiver was uniquely impacted by the diagnosis
  • Why the nurse-patient relationship is so important to anyone undergoing recovery
  • Why whatever you have to give is exactly the right thing to offer

If someone you love has received an unexpected diagnosis, this book will help you "quarterback" their caregiving team and deliver constant, crucial encouragement. And for those experiencing it firsthand, it will illuminate their true impact on others and remind them that they are not alone.